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our mission is Youth basketball cross-training

The game of basketball is the "perfect" team sport. If you take the "perfect" sport and combine it with a dynamic training system, you can get an elite athlete. But it begins with how you train.

Our mission is to help youth athletes focus on training correctly so they can develop the winning right mindset in the game of basketball and in life.


systematic cross training

We believe that when an athlete finds joy in training, there is no limit to the athlete they can be. Cross training by combining strategic points from endurance and sprint sports, we believe that youth athletes can improve quickly while maximizing their performance. TGS's systematic approach, sustained over time and guided by data while being fueled by fellow teammates and competitors, will result in maximized performance of youth athletes.​

Finding the balance + SUPPORT SYSTEM= maximize performance

When an athlete’s knowledge, body, and desire to excel is aligned, there is no limit in how much an athlete can improve. We believe that cultivating teamwork and comradery while engaging the whole person will ultimately help youth athletes to manage and sustain these important elements all throughout their life


Coach Ricky Kim
founder, head coach and trainer

My name is Coach Ricky, father of 3 youth athletes, HS Varsity basketball player, Ironman triathlete and my profession is a healthcare consultant. But my passion lies with basketball. I have been training, perfecting, and playing the game of basketball since my youth and as an adult, the right training gave me membership into the coveted ranks of Ironman Triathlon competitor.
It was epic training sessions that made this kind of tremendous impact. The right training can influence the whole person-body, mind, and spirit. Training Ground Sports (TGS) was created to help youth athletes appreciate the game in its entirety; the training, the playing, and winning the right way. Training with our unique formula of combining the best elements from endurance and sprint sports, will help your athlete become the best competitor. Training them to “win right” with the correct mindset while accelerating their performance as a basketball elite.


USA Basketball Coach License
NFHS Basketball License
Ironman Triathlon Trained
CPR and concussion trained
Level 3 background check

Training Grounds: Trails, stadium, 56 miles sprint cycling, empty basketball court all by myself

Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/173410

program overview

TGS equalizer

Conditioning only

TGS force

Group basketball


Semi-private basketball cross-training

COVID protocols will be in place and guidelines will be adhered.
Training locations may change depending on availability.

our training grounds: world is your library

Current Location
Craig Regional Park in Fullerton Mondays and Wednesdays Start at 4:30 PM

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Bring your team or friends, serving youth athletes in Orange County, California