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Training Ground Sports



Elite Cross-Sports Training Program for Adolescents  (age 13 to 18)

Performance Training, Basketball, & Flag Football

Ignite the Elite Athlete in You

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Ignite the Elite Athlete In You

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  • TGS IGNITE: Elite cross-sports training program on-site

  • 2-hour conditioning, basketball, and flag football skills and competition (4 per month)

  • 1-hour sports essential topics virtually (4 per months)

  • Data through training GPS watch

  • Team of 20 athletes max

  • Tuition $195 per month 

  • Includes backpack, T-shirt, notebook, and training GPS watch

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  • Designed to Improve overall sports performance 

  • Increase VO2 max 

  • Designed to reduce sports related injuries

  • Increase performance at high school tryouts

  • Precision training

  • Satisfaction guarantee

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  • Sonora High School in La Habra, CA

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  • Starts every Saturday at 10AM (U13-14), 12PM (U15-16), 2PM (U17-18) for 2 hours (4 sessions per month) 

  • Start time and team may vary based on training team and region 



Early specialization in one sport causes youth burnout and injuries
  • Up to 30M adolescents specialize in one sport
  • 70% of youth drop out of sports due to burnout
  • 2.25-4x more likely to get injured due to sport specialization
1  Popkin CA, Bayomy AF, Ahmad CS. Early Sport Specialization. J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2019;27(22).
2. Brenner JS. Et al. Overuse Injuries, Overtraining, and Burnout in Young Athletes. Pediatrics. 2024;153(2).
3. Myer GD et al. Sport Specialization, Part I: Does Early Sports Specialization Increase Negative Outcomes and Reduce the Opportunity for Success in Young Athletes?. Sports Health. 2015;7(5):437-442. doi:10.1177/1941738115598747.




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Our Solution
TGS IGNITE   Cross-Sports Training 

Learn, Train, & Compete
TGS IGNITE is our 6-month long cross-sports training that consists of elite conditioning, performance training, learning essential sports skills, competing in basketball, and flag football. Our training is designed to improve VO2 max, skills and competition in sports, improve sports communication, and reduce injuries. 
  • Cross-sports skills training & competition (On-site)​

    • Basketball   

    • Flag Football

  • Evidence-based cross-sports performance training & conditioning (On-site)​​

    • Speed

    • Endurance

    • Agility

    • Strength

    • Increase VO2 max 


  • Data-driven Performance coaching and tracking​​

    • GPS watch tracking

    • Weekly workouts scheduling

    • Training effective score

    • Training management app

  • Sports essential skills for athletes (Virtual)​​

    • Effective communication

    • Leading and promoting teamwork

    • Nutrients

    • Injury prevention 

    • Mental skills and grit 

    • Sports psychology / managing stress


TGS Core Values

  • Active Listening

  • Apex Training

  • Evidence and Data-Driven Workouts

  • Discipline and Precision Training

  • Community Motivation and Support


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Training Ground Sports

Serving Orange County, CA 

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