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TGS Services for organizations

Partner with TGS to provide our elite multi-sports training programs at your schools, club teams, or league teams, to ignite the elite athlete in them 


  • Improve overall athletic performance for student athletes

  • Reduce burnout and injuries for athletes 

  • Prepare for tournaments or sports tryouts

  • Increase students' engagement in school sports 

  • Learn better discipline and grit through sports

  • Additional revenue model

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Our Solution
TGS IGNITE   Cross-Sports Training 

Learn, Train, & Compete
TGS IGNITE is our 6-month long cross-sports training consists of elite conditioning, learning essential sports skills, competing in basketball, and flag football. Our training is designed to improve VO2 max, skills and competion in sports, improve sports communication, and reduce injuries.
  • Cross-sports skills training & competition (On-site)​

    • Basketball   

    • Flag Football

  • Evidence-based cross-sports conditioning (On-site)​​

    • Speed

    • Endurance

    • Agility

    • Strength

    • Increase VO2 max 


  • Data-driven Performance coaching and tracking​​

    • GPS watch tracking

    • Weekly workouts scheduling

    • Training effective score

    • Training management app

  • Sports essential skills for athletes (Virtual)​​

    • Effective communication

    • Leading and promoting teamwork

    • Nutrients

    • Injury prevention 

    • Mental skills and grit 

    • Sports psychology / managing stress


TGS Core Values

  • Active Listening

  • Apex Training

  • Evidence and Data-Driven Workouts

  • Discipline and Precision Training

  • Community Motivation and Support


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